With a passion for cooking and trying new cuisine, I’m always sharing recipes tried and learning how to create restaurant worthy dishes at home.

I will keep improving my culinary skills and share with my success and failures with you. See more pictures for my upcoming Cookbook, On The Dinner Table, on Instagram.


Not an expert on fashion or style but trying to find my personal look that will continue to grow and help instill confidence in my future self.

Using books, videos and guides, I’m on a quest to find my forever template to ensure I remain, confident, stylish and beautiful.

I want to find my style and help discover ways to empower you as well.


Finding my best face and being healthy for the future. Utilizing make up, skin care, and regular maintenance of my overall body.

Face cream, serum, lotion, moisturizer and sea salt among bamboo leaves in the bath

I study and learn how to enhance what I have, love the skin I’m in, and overall portray confidence in my daily life.

Courage is Grace under pressure.

~ Ernest Hemingway

If your actions create a legacy that inspires others to dream more, learn more, do more, and become more, then, you are an excellent leader.

~ Dolly Parton

Why The Amateur Connoisseur

Amateur – a person who engages in a pursuit, on an unpaid basis

Connoisseur – a person with a great deal of knowledge about the fine arts, cuisines, wines and gourmet products. An expert judge in matters of taste. May be used in a partly ironic sense.

Photo by Sara Afonso on Pexels.com