The Courage of that First Step

Courage is something we all have, and something we could all use more of. Courage is our ability to do something that frightens us. Well I don’t know about you, but starting a blog and putting myself out there to be analyzed, dissected and hopefully not ridiculed can be a terrifying thought to some of us. But 2021 is all about moving from the past. We may still be facing a pandemic but we are still humans who strive to become more that what we are.

So begins the journey of The Amateur Connoisseur. I am eager to start this journey and take you with me, to empower myself, embrace my beauty, and enjoy learning more about the word around me.

Some things you will see during this blog; photos, I’m not a professional, but trying to show the world around me, and the cuisine, fashion and beauty in my life. Fashion, trying to find that perfect mix of casual, stylish and comfort. Cuisine, as a person who enjoying cooking and trying new things I like to share my success (and failures) with family, friends and now all of you!

These topics by no means encompass all that will be shared, topics can be random and change depending on mood, the world, desire.

What you will not see; negativity. This is a place for empowerment, negativity and disrespect will not be tolerated. Politics; political agenda and opinions are better left on other sites this is not something that will be shared here nor allowed to be shared.

So welcome on this new journey, courage in that first step is all it takes and soon you will find you are running with little fear, knowing you can accomplish what you set your mind to.

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