Let’s Talk Hair Loss

*This post is not sponsored by any products or companies mentioned therein.*

Remember when you were a child and your hair was thick, full of body, rich in color, and something you didn’t appreciate until your reached middle school or later? Remember how when you were in your twenties, perhaps having children and your hair grew faster than your belly? And then remember the day after giving birth and your hair was almost washed down the shower drain because for some unknown reason you lost half of it over night?

I remember having long hair, and now it’s much shorter. Thin and fine and only half of what I had before. At least it feels that way. On my quest to improve and beautify all areas of my life, I had to take a long look at my tresses, and sigh. This wasn’t something that makeup would correct.

Yes I know there are many products out there to help disguise hair loss, and make it look like you have fuller hair than you have. And I have tried some of those products, even contemplating putting in hair extensions where it was needed.

However, I think I found something else to help. Tree to Tub (treetotub.com) has a product called Soapberry for Hair. It’s a shampoo for fuller stronger hair. Cost on their website is $22.49 USD for an 8.5 fluid ounce bottle. This product is also available at the same price through Grove Collaborative (grove.co).

I’m not saying this is going to work for everyone, before you all try it and say it didn’t help you, I’m saying it worked for me. I used the shampoo for a few days and noticed fairly quickly that the top of my head where it was thinnest wasn’t as thin any longer. When I would pull my hair back in a regular ponytail, it looked thicker and less sparse.

Did this give me much needed confidence —YOU BETCHA! I didn’t feel as self-conscious nor have I needed to pull out the tricks to disguise my thinner hair. If you were offered confidence for $22.49 USD would you take a chance and empower yourself?

Treetotub.com Soapberry for hair shampoo.

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