Welcome to Wisconsin

I love to learn. I enjoy finding the answers to questions that pop in my brain. Anything from how to build an igloo, to where can I get the best beignets.

So it’s not surprising that I know a little bit about a lot. I want to share that knowledge with you. Today I will be sharing more about my home state of Wisconsin. If you have had the privilege to live here, please feel free to add to this by commenting or correcting me if I am wrong.

Wisconsin, 30th state admitted to the union and we have a long history. Some things Wisconsin is known for:

1. Beer – We have over 250 breweries in Wisconsin. Well known brands include Miller, Point, and Leinenkugels.

2. Cheese – We are the dairy state and produce over two and a half billion products each year.

3. Cheese curds – I make this separate as anyone who has experienced fresh cheese curds knows that it requires its own listing. Look for the squeak.

4. Brats – Brats (sausage) are a staple for any cook out or tailgate party. Best with beer, mustard and onions. Every Wisconsinite will tell you the best time to have a brat is, any time.

5. Sports – When the home teams are playing think long and hard about calling, or planning an event that would interfere with prime game play. And remember Bob Uecker and Vince Lombardi are saints. Even if you disagree, just smile, nod and walk away. It isn’t worth having a whole bar, stadium or bowling alley mad at you.

6. Weather – we have all four seasons, sometimes in the same week. 20 degrees isn’t cold and neither is -20 degrees.

7. We go to fish frys on Friday and can tell you the difference between Perch, Cod, and Walleye.

8. We have our own way of talking. You will hear Ope, You Betcha, and ask you questions ending with an Or no? And if you hear us asking for a bubbler, just direct us to the nearest water fountain.

9. We aren’t all farmers.

10. We can polka, it’s something that we all learn in school and show off at every wedding we go to.

11. And don’t challenge us in a drinking game, you will lose. We have all been drinking from our parents glasses since elementary school. Can we outdrink most people in most places, you betcha!

This is not all that Wisconsin is known for, come check out our state and see the beauty, the beer, and the great food.

You are your own best investment.

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