Boudoir Photography

Hello again! I’m very happy to have you still here reading my ramblings. Finding ways to be fresh and keep things real is sometimes difficult. However, a dear friend of mine mentioned just recently about an instant dose of confidence and empowerment that she recently experienced. So today I wanted to shout out to all those ladies who have embraced their beauty, flaws, and sexiness and building confidence simply by being themselves. Love the skin you are in, and show off to the world that you are a body of perfection.

Jenna Lynn Photography

My friend recently informed me of her experience with Boudoir Photos. Now if you are not familiar with this, Boudoir Photography is a style featuring intimate, sensual, romantic and even sometimes erotic images. It can be with backgrounds ranging from bedrooms, and private dressing rooms to outdoor shoots and cozy fireplace backdrops. The choice is yours.

Boudoir photography is completely different than glamour or nude shoots, it’s more of a suggestive rather than explicit image you are creating. Looking at the shots from previous photo shoots I saw women of all different shapes and sizes and what really drew me to the beauty of these images, was not the person themselves, even though they are all beautiful, it was the confidence and empowerment reflected in the images. I was absolutely impressed by how the photographer was able to capture that and what a little bravery and courage from some tasteful lingerie could do for a woman. These women embraced the vixen inside and the confidence oozed from them.

Zams Photography by Zita Makkos

I would love to find a photographer I am comfortable with to take photos like this, and use them not for my spouse, even though he would enjoy them, but really for myself. I want to see the beauty captured on film that other profess to see. I want that daily confidence in front of me and a way to flaunt the feminine mystery that is me.

If you have had experience with Boudoir photography on either side of the lens, please share your experience with me by leaving comments!

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