Scotland Is In My Soul

I love to travel. I love the excitement of exploring a new destination. I love the opportunity to see history, meet new people, and try new foods. I love European hotels, I love dining out, getting there is sometimes not my favorite, but the ends justify the means. Some of my fondest memories from when I was young are traveling, we didn’t always go far, and it was always by car, but what I loved most was my whole family doing it together.

I have had the great privilege to be able to see Russia, Germany, Austria, Greece, and Bermuda. Among many other states. My bucket list is long and I’m sure that I won’t be crossing all of the locations off. So I plan for trips, research them, and look at pictures. Top three locations I want to go: Scotland, Japan, and Romania. Quite a combination.

Scotland has been number one on my list forever. I love the history, the beauty of the land, the food may be a little bit out there, but for the most part I’m on board. But mostly I’m a sucker for men in kilts, and that accent. Being drawn to the country for years, I was completely surprised when I learned that I have some Scottish ancestry in my background. It may not be much, but I totally embrace it and learned that I can trace my lineage back to Clan Cairns, which as I learned is part of Clan Grant now.

Was I excited? You have no idea. I had always been told that I was 100% German, and don’t get me wrong I love that aspect about my ancestry too, but I entirely feel that Scotland is in my soul. So when the opportunity came to purchase an honorary Scottish Title, I did. I’m the proud owner of a 1 foot by 1 foot square piece of Scotland, and now carry the honorary title of Lady of Dunan’s Castle.

Dunan’s Castle

Not that my honorary title gives me anything more than exclusive products, and bragging rights. It’s just something I did for myself, and I truly am glad I did. It makes my heart smile and my soul glow.

As I dream of the Highlands, the lochs, and mountains, I wish one day I can go to the place that calls to me. Maybe it will be the place that makes my gypsy soul call home. I can’t wait.

What are your top three bucket list locations? Share in the comments section!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you.

Highland Cow

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