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Hello again, my beauties. I wanted to talk about something that I have loved since I was a child. Books and reading. I had gotten into trouble often in school, because my nose was buried in a book. I loved to read, and it didn’t matter the subject, I loved fiction and non-fiction, science fiction, horror, comedy, romance, you name it I am willing to read it, IF it catches my eye. Yes, I am one to judge a book by the cover.

So when I find a book and/or series that I love, I find that I learn something new while reading it. A book series that was recommended to me by a past colleague was the Kick Keswick series, written by Marne Davis Kellogg. These books, have a bit of humor, a dash of romance, a lot of intrigue, and heroine who is a world class jewel thief.

The series has five books in it, and I will admit I have read the first four. The series includes; Brilliant, Priceless, Perfect, Friends in High Places, and The Real Thing. I highly encourage you to read them in order as the books do reference back to each other at times, however you will easily follow each book if read in any order.

Brilliant by Marne Davis Kellogg

In Brilliant, you meet Kick Keswick. An over forty, single woman, with a womans figure, a passion for good wine, good food, and good jewelry. She has a fantastic wardrobe, an amazing career and she’s the words greatest jewel thief. This book does have a few areas where it seems it’s not chronological, however I’m willing to over look this as I truly enjoy the glamour that is Kick Keswick.

To avoid any spoilers, I encourage you to read the remaining books and see how you like Kick and her extraordinary life. Please comment if you have read the books and what you may like about the series.

Check your local library to see if you can get a copy of Brilliant otherwise it is available on Amazon currently $2.99 for Kindle, or a used copy starting at $1.50.

YOU are your own best investment.

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