Lingering Over Lingerie

In my honest opinion we, as women, NEED lingerie. It’s something that we can control in our otherwise crazy lives, to give us some much needed confidence, beauty, and not to mention, who doesn’t want to feel sexy knowing they have silk and lace against their skin? Even if we only wear it for ourselves, don’t we deserve to look upon our own beauty and enjoy what we see? No matter what size we are, lingerie is available to enhance what we have, and make us feel more beautiful than we already are.

Don’t get me wrong, cotton is wonderful and certainly something that I wear most, however, sometimes, I like to know I am wearing something a little more risqué under my yoga pants and tee shirt. Lingerie can be a basic lacy bra and panty set, a teddy, bustier, or garters with stockings. Am I going to be wearing these things everyday? No. But I may wear them a couple times a week, that extra little smirk may just be from the teddy under my sweatpants.

Corsets were originally the lingerie of women, and still can be, but in the late nineteenth century Lady Duff-Gordon, pioneered the development of lingerie to free women from the restrictive corsets. Moving into the 20th century, breathable fabrics, new styles, padding, underwire, and eventually more and more glamourous options for underwear became available.

In the movies, online, and in magazines, we see pictures of women in lingerie, or less. What is preventing us, mere mortals, from harnessing that same opportunity to wear something sexy? Whether for us or for someone special enough to share it with?

For most of us we may not be too eager to spend more than necessary on the items closest to our bodies, but think of it as an investment. If having a satin bra and panties on makes you feel happy, then isn’t the $50 price tag worth it? I know not all of us can spend a lot for underwear, and I’m not asking you to go into debt or sell a kidney, but think about adding it into your wardrobe as investment pieces become available for you. There is never a need to rush.

You are probably thinking, but I’m not a supermodel, I have a mom body, or I have extra weight here or there. You can be a size zero or a size 50 and lingerie is available for you. Don’t restrict yourself because you feel your aren’t perfect. Once you see yourself in that fancy lacy nightie, you will feel the power come from within and those little imperfections will no longer matter.

We as women are more powerful than we realize, and maybe the lingerie is our key to taking over the world. We all know, a well timed lingerie image, is the kryptonite of many men. We are women, watch us soar!

I encourage you all to linger over lingerie, find something you love, wear it just because, not only for special occasions.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you!

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