Run, Run, As Fast As You Can

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Sports are something most of us love, whether is it football, baseball, ice hockey, or marathon racing. However, for some of us that is as much physical activity we get, watching the sport of our choice on TV, at the stadium or from the sidelines.

Unfortunately we as a society and a world in general have more people who are overweight than those who are not overweight. Now I’m not body shaming anyone, nor will I ever do that, I’m not judging anyone if they carry extra weight. Believe me, I do as well, and I’m doing my best to reduce that weight. It’s hard, but my biggest issue is I work at a desk all day and I don’t do much activity otherwise. I’m the first to admit that some nights, okay, most nights, I’m too lazy to go out for a walk.

With the nicer weather coming, it will be easier to take a walk on the trails with my kids, and get some physical fitness in my life. One of my main motivators is Virtual Races. You don’t have to run, you can walk, swim, or even use your daily activities as your tracker. I have completed one, to help the Manatees, and earned a medal. Since I have completed that one, I have started a second race, and I compete only with myself, however I have a friend doing it as well.

There are many companies out there that do virtual races and you need to find one that works well for you and your goals. The company that I use it Yes.Fit. They have an easy to use app, a variety of races you can compete in, and other challenges you can take on.

Manatee Medal from Yes.Fit

My goal is to do many races, to not only have a fitness goal, but to also earn the medals they offer as prizes. Not a chintzy medal, this thing could possibly stop bullets, it’s a high quality one. Right now I’m working on the Ring Of Kerry race, it is 104.6 miles, and currently I’m at 16.5% completed. You can see maps of where you are, if you were doing the race in real time, not virtually. You also get fun information about areas you are “passing” in the race. I find it to be very fun and it keeps you moving.

Yes.Fit is compatible with Fit Bit, Apple Watch, and other smart watches so that you can easily have your exercise tracked.

If you want to get more swag Yes.Fit also sells other products, clothing, water bottles etc., so you can have all the needed gear to get moving. So I encourage you all to find a friend, or simply grab your family and start walking, running, swimming or any other physical activity you enjoy and get moving. Please share the medals you earn in the comments below!

You are you own best investment

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