Oil Pulling

*Disclaimer – Please consult a medical expert when starting new health regimen

You may have heard of oil pulling and it benefits for oral health. But Oil Pulling can also help with other bodily toxins and improve your skin. It is recommended that you do oil pulling in the morning to help remove the toxins you have accumulated overnight, preventing them from entering the bloodstream and contributing to unhealthy skin.

What is oil pulling? Oil pulling is an ancient practice, called ‘Kavala’ and it involves swishing edible oil in your mouth for up to 20 minutes, spitting it out afterwards. Please do not swallow it as it can contain toxins and you don’t want that in your body any longer. Do not brush your teeth prior to oil pulling, but certainly brush them after oil pulling.

How do you perform oil pulling? You need to do this on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. It also has reputed positive effects not only for your mouth, but for various parts of the body as well. The mouth benefits the most from oil pulling, with whiter teeth, healthier gums and reducing bad breath.

Because you are oil pulling, and the toxins from your mouth get into your bloodstream, you are essentially cutting off the toxins at the source and helping clear your skin, reducing acne, dull skin, and even rashes.

What are more of the benefits? Because the body is positively affected, you may notice that your sleep is better, less headaches and can help with hangovers or allergies.

What Oil is best to use? Coconut oil is often recommended but you can use any edible oil you like. Olive oil or Sesame oil are both good options as well. Remember do not swallow the oil after using it and the more you oil pull, the more benefits you may notice.

My best recommendation is to find a holistic practitioner in your area who can give you more in depth information about oil pulling. If you are unable to find one, ask your doctor if oil pulling is right for you.

If you currently do oil pulling, have you seen any improvements or benefits in your skin and overall health? Please share in the comments section!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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