Music That Means Something

We all have music that we love; we all have music that we dislike. And sometimes there are those songs that reach to our souls and almost become a part of us. Today I wanted to share a song that I heard not that long ago but has stuck with me since, and I absolutely love it, it’s almost become my power song.

“Finish Line” by SATV Music. The singer’s voice, is reminiscent of an old school nightclub singer; deep, smoky, mysterious. The lyrics are simple, and the chorus really touches me deep and if/when you listen to this song, you may feel the same way.

“I’m gonna play through the pain.”

  • How often do we get knocked down, pick ourselves back up and continue going? Maybe our heart got shattered, maybe we were physically destroyed, but the important thing is that we got up.

“I’m gonna rise like the phoenix, I’m gonna fight through the flame”

  • As I mentioned, we got up from what may have knocked us down, caused us pain. The phoenix is a mythical creature that obtains a new life, from the ashes of its predecessor. So like a phoenix we too, can create a new persona, a new identity from what tried to destroy us. We grew from the ashes of what others may have left behind. As I was told by an amazing woman, once a Phoenix, always a Phoenix.

“Devil wan’ drag me down, ‘Cause I’m done, I’m all done playin’ games”

  • After we rise like the phoenix, the devils of our past, can try to take us down, but we won’t be playing that game any longer. We know the game, we are all done playing the game, and so help those who try to play us again. We know how to fight back and succeed.

If you are looking for new music, or need something to give you that internal strength, then I highly encourage you to check out “Finish Line” by SATV Music, and see if it is something that you will enjoy.

But since we all have different tastes in music and if you would like me to hear your favorites, drop them in the comments and they may appear here with a shout out to you!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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