The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – A to F

We all have those moments of insecurity. Where we feel we aren’t attractive to ourselves or our partners. And if we let it, that negativity will grow and take over our thoughts all day long. How can we stop it? What can we do? Let’s go back and learn our ABC’s and see if we can’t put the sexy back into our lives. In all of the ideas presented below, please have all partners involved be consenting adults and be safe.

A is for Au Natural – We’ve talked about the benefits and joy of wearing lingerie, but what about that secret smile you can have when going out with your significant other and not wearing any panties under your dress?

B is for Blindfolds – When you have been in an drought for that sexy feeling, try taking away a sense, sight is one that can distract you if you are self conscious about something you feel isn’t perfect. Put on a blindfold, and let your partner tantalize you.

C is for Cuddling – Some of us don’t want to rush into having sexual intercourse and want to take things slow. Why not pop in a movie, grab an extra large blanket and a bowl of popcorn and cuddle with your sweetie to build that intimacy.

D is for Domination – Those who are not familiar with BDSM and the freedom it can provide can start slowly if it’s something you are interested in. Domination allows for either you or your partner to dominate the other person. This does not mean anything more than, giving or receiving pleasure with each other, but it can mean a complete lifestyle choice if you wish. There is nothing wrong with giving up control, or controlling another as long as you both agree to it, and consent to it. You may enjoy the freedom in the bedroom only and that is perfectly fine.

E is for Erotica – Women and men both have imaginations and fantasies that turn us on. The world wide web is full of books, poetry, stories, and more to allow you to let your imaginations roam and your fantasies grow. Read them alone or together.

F is for Flirting – One of the things I miss most is flirting with someone, building that desire, and turning each other on to the point where you crave each other. Flirting can me sending sexy messages to each other (sexting) whispering dirty thoughts to each other, or even a sexy image. Flirting can be a great way to build your confidence and feel sexy.

Try some of these suggestions with your partner, or even by yourself and build that sexy feeling again! If you have any other suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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