Fashion Week

What is fashion week? When is it held? Where can you go to see fashion week? How can you participate in fashion week? All these questions, and more, have gone through my mind at some point. And luckily for all of us, I have the answers.

What is fashion week?

  • Fashion week is a concept that started in Paris, when women were hired to wear couture items in public places. This “fashion parades” influenced American retailers who used the same concept to lure women into their stores.
  • 1943 was the first ever fashion week in New York, to help buyers find alternatives to French fashion as they were not able to travel to France due to World War II.

When is fashion week held?

  • Fashion week happens twice a year in February and in September. The “Big Four” cities for fashion include, New York, London, Milan, and Paris; in that order.
  • There are other cities that have their own fashion weeks, however they may be genre-based such as haute couture (Paris Only), Rio and Miami (swimwear), and Indonesia (Muslim fashion).

How can you participate in fashion week?

  • Plan ahead, start 2-3 months before the show. You need to know if the city you want to go to will be something your finances can handle. If not start looking to see if you can split cost with another person. Reach out to smaller hotels in the area, and see if they have any special rates they can provide. Don’t expect to attend fashion week without making arrangements ahead of time, or you may be sleeping in your car.
  • About a month before, you can start to see the schedules for the show, but remember there are A LOT of shows/presentations that are not listed. So you may need to do some digging to find more events. Then you need to “request” tickets to get invites to shows. Email everyone you can obtain an address for and request the tickets. If you are reaching out to the Brand itself, ask for their shows/presentations, and if you are reaching out to a PR agency ask for all their shows they are handling.
  • When you do get invited to events, only say YES to the events you will be at, don’t reply with YES to things you won’t be attending. This can hinder you in the future if you have the reputation for not showing up.
  • If you wish to participate in a fashion week, start reaching out to brands, photographers, designers and ask if you can intern with them during fashion week. An extra set of hands to hold a camera bag or clip board could be very helpful.

What do I wear to fashion week?

  • If you are wanting to get noticed, dress the part. If you are trying to get your own brand/name out there, wear your clothes and go to places to be seen. Don’t be afraid to stand out.
  • If you are going to simply enjoy it and see the lines, be COMFORTABLE. Now is not the time to wear new heels or a tight outfit. You may stand out more in your comfortable attire, than if you wore five inch stilettos and a micromini.
  • Pack layers, and know you may be walking quite a bit.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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