Many of us have piercings. Whether is it our ears, noses, lips, or other areas on our bodies. Piercings are a way to express our individuality and to also be a bit fashionable as well. Although that may not be a primary focus.

Considering we are covered in skin, we have an entire body that is able to be pierced, some areas should certainly remain piercing free but we aren’t limited to our ears only. We like to express ourselves, stand out, and be creative; piercings are simply a way to do all that.

We may not pierce ourselves hundreds of times, but it’s not uncommon to have multiple piercings in our ears, nose, lip, eyebrows, or even genitals or nipples. The worlds most pierced man and woman, may provide your more reason to get pierced or limit it, however it’s always your call.

Your body is your canvas and I’m not here to tell you what you can or cannot do.

There are options, I personally wouldn’t get, such as sternum piercing. There are two beads on either end that sit on the surface of the skin, and can be changed to suit your needs.

Any piercings on my lady parts is a no go for me. Along with anything on my nipples. However I understand it can be highly pleasing to those who have had it done and their intimate partners. I’m more about using the piercings to enhance my overall look, not solely to define who I am.

What I would get would be a few extra piercings in my ears. And I’m interested in a nose ring, and tongue rings scare me, but it’s something I have considered. However I do not see many other piercings in my future.

I would love to know what your likes/dislikes are in regards to piercings. What do you have, what do you want, what do you not want? Please leave your comments, and any other feedback!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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