St. Nazianz, Wisconsin

Being from Wisconsin, I can’t wait to explore local haunted places within the state. I’ve recently learned of this small town, that claims to be the most haunted location in Wisconsin. St. Nazianz (Pronounced, Nay Zee Aahnz) is a small village in Manitowoc County. Population as of 2019 was 848 people. This village has a unique history, and perhaps a creepy one as well.

In 1854 a priest by the name of Father Ambrose Oschwald, left Baden, Germany with over 100 of his congregation, seeking religious freedom. It was rumored that Father Oschwald was a heretic and he and his followers participated in a mystic cult. Arriving in Wisconsin, Father Oschwald purchased 3840 acres creating a haven for him and his followers. By the end of the year, St. Nazianz village had a church and several log houses.

So you may be asking, why is this village creepy. It began in 1873 when Father Oschwald was dying. With his eyes closed, Father Oschwald was observed extending his hands in blessing, and then signal someone away. There was only one person in the room, Anton Still, and he didn’t witness anyone else in the room with them. During that night there was mysterious pounding on the walls of the room, and residents in the village stated they experienced similar noises in their homes. This all stopped after the death of Father Oschwald the next day.

Father Oschwald was placed on view until his crypt was completed in St. Ambrose Church. When his body was viewed before internment, it was commented that he had not decayed, his skin had a lifelike complexion, and there was no odor of corruption. And 53 years after his death, Father Oschwald was moved to his permanent crypt, and members of the clergy observed that he was in remarkably good shape at that time.

After his death, the State of Wisconsin came in and took almost 3800 acres of St. Nazianz, this action supposedly caused Father Oschwald to curse the town that he built. This curse caused over $100 million USD in damage in 2000, when a massive storm ripped through the area.

As the whole village of St. Nazianz is rumored to be haunted, the most haunted location is the seminary building, JFK Prep. The rumors indicate that Father Oschwald haunts the building, along with a student who had committed suicide there. The building’s grounds also have reported the ghost of a headless priest. Rooms in the school have been boarded up for staff and student safety, as the fourth floor has both the Satan Room, and the Suitcase Room. Outside it is rumored that the stone pillars that held the Stations of the Cross were bleeding.

The property has several building, all in various levels of neglect, connecting them all is the underground tunnels. These can be nightmare inducing and not to mention claustrophobic. The town residents themselves have been reported to be very odd, edgy, and even protective about the location. Is there still a mystic cult in St. Nazianz that has been active since they moved there from Germany?

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