Suesan and Sheila

*Warning – The information you are about to read may include discussions of true crimes, graphic details, and crime scenes, this may be too graphic for some people, please use discretion when reading*

The murder of a person is tragic enough, but when that murder comes at the hands of the people you should be able to trust most in this world, it’s makes it even worse. Today, we are going to discuss the tragic deaths of two sisters whose deaths were coordinated by their mother, and carried out by their siblings. The family dynamic was very outlandish, and was filled with anger, resentment, jealousy, and rage. This is the story of how Theresa Knorr used her children to facilitate the heinous murders of her daughters, Suesan and Sheila.

Suesan was born in 1966 in San Francisco to her parents Theresa and Robert. Through out her life, Suesan had been the focus of her mother’s hatred and anger, and experienced physical, verbal, and psychological abuse from her. Suesan’s brothers, were also trained to beat, discipline and restrain her.

In 1983 during a heated argument, Suesan was shot in the chest by her mother, Theresa, with a 22-caliber gun, the bullet was lodged in her back. Not seeking medical help, Theresa left Suesan to die in the family bathtub, but miraculously she survived with no professional treatment.

When Suesan asked to move out in 1984, Theresa surprisingly granted this, but with one condition, she had to let her remove the bullet from her back. The “operation” took place on the kitchen floor by Suesan’s brother Robert, who used a box cutter. Infection soon set in and she became delirious. As she lay dying, Theresa informed the other children that Suesan’s illness was a possession by Satan and the only way to purge the demon was with fire. Suesan’s brothers Robert and Bill took her to Sierra Nevada, left her on the side of the road, poured gasoline over her, and burned her alive. Suesan was 17 years old when she died.

Sheila was born in 1965 in Roseville, California to her parents Theresa and Clifford. As none of Theresa’s children were spared from abuse, similarly to Suesan, Sheila was also the target of her mother’s anger. Theresa was primarily jealous that her daughters were growing up and blossoming, while she was growing old and losing her looks.

In 1985, Sheila had been forced into prostitution by her mother. Because of this forced career, Theresa accused Sheila of transmitting an STD to her via a toilet seat. Because of this allegation the abuse to Sheila escalated and she was locked into a closet. Being deprived of water and food, she died a few days later of dehydration and starvation. Her body was then packed into a cardboard box and dumped on the side of the road. Sheila was 20 years old when she died.

Both Suesan and Sheila would remain unidentified until 1994, when their youngest sister Terry, contacted authorities after watching America’s Most Wanted. In 1995, Theresa Knorr pled guilty to avoid capital punishment. She was sentenced to two consecutive life sentences. She is eligible for parole in 2027.

What would make a mother want to murder her own children? Why did Theresa only focus on the two oldest girls? Why torture your children in such extreme and horrible ways? These questions are asked, but never answered. What are your thoughts on this case? I would love to hear your feedback and if you have any other True Crime cases you would like showcased.

Please be ever alert, make good choices, stay safe

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