The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – N to T

Continuing where we left off, we have reviewed half of the sexy alphabet so far. These suggestions are just that, suggestions. You need to do the things that interest you and not feel that this is a checklist to complete all of them. Find the suggestions that you and possibly your partner would enjoy and stick to those. Let’s continue on in the alphabet and help bring that sexy back.

N is for Nipples – Women have very sensitive bodies and certain areas are more sensitive than others. Why not use that to your advantage? What’s beautiful about the ABC’s is that you can use multiple letters together. M and N sound like they could be very enticing.

O is for Owning your Orgasm -While having sensitive bodies, women are also complicated. We strive to feel that magical release, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. That’s why we need to ensure we are owning our orgasms ourselves. Yes our partners do have the ability to assist us, but we not only need to be in the mood, we also have to be in the right mindset. Seduce our minds and the rest will follow.

P is for Passion – Passion is a strong feeling. Perhaps it’s a passion for an activity, a hobby, or even for a person. Let your passions build and you may find that they extend beyond your original focus.

Q is for Quickie – As we just spoke of passion, sometimes it builds to a peak, and we need to alleviate the pressure that has built. At that point, a well timed quickie with your partner may be the best option. Quickies are designed not to be long lovemaking sessions, but they are exactly as stated, quick. But if you have built up that need, you may only need a couple minutes to own that orgasm.

R is for Roleplaying – When in a long relationship, things can get stale. That’s when we need to find ways to spice things up. One easy way to do that is to roleplay, find something that you both want to try, and play it out. It could be meeting as “strangers” in a bar, or simply dressing up and pretending in the bedroom, or anything you can come up with. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone. But be comfortable to say, Stop, or use your safe word.

S is for Spanking – Spanking is not just for those interested in a BDSM lifestyle. Spanking can be highly erotic and be a fun foreplay activity. Please be sure to communicate with your partner about how intense you want the spanking to be and for how long. You may want to start slowly, and build up. But a well placed slap on the butt can be just enough to take you over the edge, or start the foreplay while doing dishes.

T is for Tickling – My husband is ticklish. I’m not very ticklish. That being known, I can build his sensitivity and entice him by simply tickling him throughout the day. If you and your partner want to have a good tickle session, who knows how it will end or by what means. Laughter is also a type of release that you can enjoy. A woman laughing from her partner is almost as powerful as providing her that orgasmic experience.

These ABC’s are all merely suggestions you can try. You are not required to do any of them. If you do choose to try them out with your partner, please be sure to be safe, practice with consenting adults and have fun. Next week we will finish the alphabet, and I would love to hear if you have any success in finding that sexy in your life.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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