Fashion Do NOT’s

We have all worn clothes that we thought we could take over the world while wearing. We have also worn clothing that we would never want to have anyone see us in. We can see the fashion magazines and online sites that flaunt all the new styles from every fashion week as it happens. But are there things that we need reminding are a fashion do not? Or perhaps a fashion never again?

Let’s have some fun and review a few areas of fashion that we really should not revive. You may or may not agree with all of these fashion trends listed here, I would love to know fashion trends you do not want to see come back as well.

Halter tops that look like scarves – This isn’t the worst option, but it literally looks like the scarf is going to strangle her and it really doesn’t do much for her physique. Not that she needs to show off anything, but wearing a top like this you are trying to enhance your assets and this type of top doesn’t seem to be doing it for her.

Visible underwear and Saggy pants (Men take note) – This look, if you want to describe it that way, looks horrible. Most women are not interested in a man who wears their clothing this way. It is suggested that this look originated in prison as a signal for sexual availability. However the truth is, in prison inmates often get issued clothing that is too big and are not allowed a belt.

Platform Sneakers – These were considerably more popular in the 1990’s during the height of the Spice Girls popularity. The trend fell out of popularity in the 2000’s, and hasn’t been seen much since. Although it may have been iconic at the time, it’s a fashion trend that doesn’t need to be revived. I personally find it difficult somedays to stay on my own two feet with nothing more on than socks, wearing shoes that raise me up another 5-6 inches is not something I want to attempt.

Shoulder Pads – Shoulder pads were a fashion trend in the 1980’s for women re-entering the workforce and wearing their power suits in a male dominated world. However this trend lost its appeal around the time that Dynasty and Dallas went off the air. Sadly some celebrities are wearing more shoulder pads in the 2020’s. Just say no to shoulder pads and allow your actual physique to shine through.

Popcorn Shirts – Many of us may not know what a popcorn shirt was or is. Sadly I do recall owning one of these shirts in the early 1990’s. Since it’s a shirt that doesn’t flatter but rather adds bulk, I hope it stays in the past where it belongs.

Jelly Sandals – When I was young I remember have the classic jelly shoes. These, like the platform shoes of the 1990’s, were iconic. However the original style has morphed into the atrocity that we unfortunately got in the 1990’s and 2000’s. This is a style that should be retired and not “improved” and “reinvented” for the next generation.

These of course are only a few fashion trends that should remain retired (or completely abandoned) and not reintroduced in the future. I would love to hear your thoughts on what trends you feel should be added to this, or if there are trends listed that you want to keep. Please leave a comment!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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