Beauty Face Masks

*This post is not sponsored by any products or brands mentioned therein*

I wanted to clarify as this post is not about the current accessory we all find ourselves wearing, a face mask. This posting is about that lovely addition to your beauty and skin care routine. The beauty face mask.

I have tried many face masks and have not seen much difference in my face in general. Are they nice to use? For sure. I enjoy using the masks that typically look like you are being mummified. I’m sure we have all see those face masks that have the pre-saturated paper sheet you open up and apply to your face for 20 minutes. Afterwards your have this layer of product on your face that feels like a snail has crawled across your skin. But has anyone actually seen improvement in their face from using these?

So while I was shopping I found a product, that according to YouTube videos has been out for a few years, but I haven’t yet heard of nor had I had the chance to use. The product I’m referring to is ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask.

The product is clear when dispensing it; you simply press on the sides of the container and it releases the product in the center. Very simply, you first dampen your skin and then apply this mask. It doesn’t have to be thick, it simply needs to be a thin layer. After applying it you can relax for 10 minutes while the mask does it’s magic.

Now in the name of the product it says Bubble Mask. And we aren’t talking like dish soap bubbles, but imagine when you use peroxide and it bubbles up, that is the sensation you will feel on your skin. Word of warning: This product can make your nose tickle while it bubbles, so if you are overly sensitive to that please refrain from using the product in that area.

After 10 minutes you will notice that not much if any of the mask/bubbles will remain on your skin. The product dissipates. If any remains on your skin, simply pat it in, then rinse your skin. Be careful to not get the product in your eyes, as it can irritate them.

After rinsing you will notice something. Your skin will feel amazingly soft, clean, and hydrated. I have not encountered any breakouts, irritation, nor dryness, after using the product and I LOVE how my skin feels after it.

This product, ELF Hydrating Bubble Mask, gets a gold star in my book. I will certainly continue to use this product and enjoy the hydration and the softness it provides. If you are looking for a product that actually does what it’s name implies, then give the ELF brand a look, it’s reasonable in price and available online and in beauty stores. If you do give it a try, please share in the comments what you thought of it.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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