The ABC’s of Feeling Sexy – U to Z

As we finish up the alphabet today for that sexy feeling we want to embrace, remember these are all suggestions and are meant to be used to inspire you. Do what you like and what feels good, and maybe find other ways to bring that sexy back. As always when participating with a partner, be sure to be safe, and all parties be consenting adults.

U is for Underwear – Not only does wearing sexy lingerie help us feel sexy, seeing our partner in something sexy is also a way to up that sexy feeling. It could be something as simple as a matching bra and panty set, or something more elaborate like a teddy. You decide on what you like.

V is for Visual Aids – I am a visual person. If you want me to learn something or understand it better, I will need to see it. Therefore, visual aids are nice. That can be photography, videos, or even using a mirror in the bedroom.

W is for Wet and Wild – Nobody, and I repeat, nobody wants to have any sort of dryness when being intimate. Whether that intimacy is by yourself or with others, you need to have some sort of lubrication. Some can be edible, some are not. Experiment with various options to see what you like.

X is for X Rated Movies – In this day and age, adult movies are much more accessible than they were before. You can get them at adult shops, online, or even from streaming sites. To feel more sexy and adventurous, why don’t you find a video you like, or even a clip of a video, and enjoy watching it with your partner or by yourself.

Y is for Yearning – We as humans like to have physical contact. That helps us feel loved and safe. But when we are not able to have that contact for a while, we start to yearn for it. This isn’t always a bad thing, it allows us to build up the need and desire and perhaps a well timed Quickie will help,. Build the yearning; flirt, sext, send racy photos to each other, and see what happens next.

Z is for Zipping/Unzipping – This may seem a bit odd, but consider wearing a fantastic dress out and building up that desire throughout your evening. The one last power move we may have to use, is unzipping the back of our dress and exposing lingerie or bare skin to our partners. How much of a power and sexy feeling is that? A lot in my opinion.

We’ve finished the alphabet! Yay!! Now you can enjoy practicing some of these (or all of them) on your own or with your partner. Remember to be safe and be consenting.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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