Temperature Check

Temperature check is a phrase I use at work to make sure that the person I’m speaking with is following the conversation we are having. So I want to have a temperature check with all of you.

For the past several weeks I have been following a daily schedule for topics that I write about. But based on the trends I’ve seen from you, my readers (who I absolutely adore) I want to make sure I’m doing topics and things you want to read about.

Currently I’ve been doing the following topics:

  • Sunday – Skincare (this is a passion so it won’t be going away)
  • Monday – Random topics
  • Tuesday – True Crime
  • Wednesday – Also a bit random but it’s to help empower people
  • Thursday – Recipes (This won’t be going away either)
  • Friday – Fashion
  • Saturday – Something for our brains.

My suggestions to change up the topics would be:

  • Sunday – Skincare
  • Monday – Mystery Monday – Cases where they remain unsolved
  • Tuesday – True Crime – Showcasing more serial killer/true crime stories
  • Wednesday – Wild Card – could be any topics
  • Thursday – Recipes
  • Friday – Fan Friday – This can be a day where I pick the topic suggested by one of you! If I don’t have any suggestions, it will be a random topic chosen.
  • Saturday – Scary Saturday – Profiling a haunted location or story

So what do you all think of the proposed topic changes? Please reply to the poll and let me know! You are all fantastic and I hope to hear your suggestions going forward!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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