Reverend Bob

I’ve heard of Reverend Bob Larson before and keeping my opinions to myself, I wanted to share with you about this man, and let you draw your own opinions. I will share mine with you further at the end, but I don’t want to impress on you an opinion you may not share.

Bob Larson was born in California in 1944. He is a radio and television evangelist and is the pastor of his church located in Phoenix, Arizona. In addition, Bob has written many books critical of rock music and Satanism.

Reverend Bob, has debated Satanists such as Nikolas Schreck, and Zeena LaVey(spokesperson for the Church of Satan). While debating with them, he attempted to convert them, with no luck. He continues to have a daily talk show on the radio that counsels people who have problems with violence, self-mutilation, multiple personality disorders, Satanic ritual abuse, or molestation. It’s important to note that Reverend Bob does not have any special degree nor is he licensed to diagnose or treat mental disorders.

Reverend Bob’s biggest service he offers is exorcisms. He, along with his daughter Brynne and her friends Tess and Savannah (the three girls refer to themselves as the Teenage Exorcists) perform exorcisms regularly.

Bob’s church, The Spiritual Freedom Church of Phoenix has posted on their website that one of their objectives of the church is to “Grow the presence of the ministry of deliverance so that mainstream churches can no longer ignore the reality of personal evil and exorcism.”

It is claimed that Bob is the world’s foremost expert on cults, the occult, and supernatural phenomena. In fact Bob has stated on the many talk shows that he has appeared on that almost everyone has a demon inside them, and could benefit from having an exorcism. He runs the International School of Exorcism online to teach others how to perform exorcisms.

The school offers courses to do exorcisms, and has three levels Apprentice, Warrior and Exorcist levels. You can purchase all three for a great deal of $500 USD total. But wait, there’s more! If you want to take your spiritual calling and deliverance to a higher level, you can all take advantage of the Advanced Academy of Deliverance for $1000 USD. If you purchase the full curriculum, you will get them for $1200 USD, a savings of $2,785 USD.

So here’s my honest opinion: I think “Reverend” Bob Larson is a con man. He may be the pastor of a church, however I think he left the teachings of Christianity aside to follow the teachings of Capitalism. If he tells you he is not in this for money or fame, then ask yourself, why is he charging for his books, and his appearances? Why is he charging thousands of dollars to train people? According to the school’s website after you advance to the Exorcist level you will be REQUIRED to attend certain seminars for face-to-face evaluation and observational hands on experience.

A frequently asked question from the school’s site was “Is the International School of Exorcism an accredited school?” Accredited meaning officially recognized or authorized. The answer to that being “ISE is accredited by the Spiritual Freedom Churches Inc. International, a non-denominational church organization with scores of affiliated and associated churches worldwide.” That tells me, Bob Larson’s school of exorcism is officially recognized and authorized by the same church he himself established and preaches in?

Accreditation is a third-party attestation related to a conformity assessment body conveying formal demonstration of it’s competence to carry out specific tasks. When I searched for the Spiritual Freedom Churches Inc International on the, a council for higher education accreditation, there weren’t any results found. How can the International School of Exorcism be accredited by an organization that isn’t authorized to do so? Nor is the ISE recognized as an accredited school.

I of course leave you to make your own decisions, I would love to hear your thoughts on Reverend Bob Larson, his school and his exorcisms.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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