April Fool’s Day

I thought for fun, we would talk about a horror movie. Or as it’s described a black comedy mystery slasher film. The movie is April Fool’s Day, and it was originally released in 1986. There will be no spoilers in this post.

On the weekend leading up to April Fool’s Day, college friends gather to enjoy spring break on an island mansion with the cousin of one of the group. Muffy St. John attends Vassar and has a variety of pranks and gags set up for the group. These become more complex and disturbing as the movie continues. But regardless the group tries to relax.

When people go missing and end up dead, a murderer is on the loose, it’s discovered that the phone lines are dead, and there is no way off the island until Monday. After putting some clues together the surviving students realize their hostess isn’t really Muffy, but her, recently escaped, violently insane, twin sister Buffy.

Buffy chases after the two remaining students with a butcher’s knife until they are separated. The finale of the movie reveals the truth, that some friends may not be trusted and everything isn’t as it seems.

There was a remake of this movie in 2008, however it was direct to video, please honor the original and watch it first. Thanks to Kim H. for inspiring me to discuss this movie with you all. Please feel free to share with me, how you liked the movie or if you have other movies you would like to have me review.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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