Sallie House

If you were to ask people what the most haunted location in the United States is, you would hear a number of different answers; Myrtles Plantation, Queen Mary, Bell Farm to name a few. However you may not hear about a house in Atchison, Kansas, called Sallie House.

This unassuming house in Kansas was originally built in the early 1900’s and became the office and home of a physician and his family. One day a woman rushed to the house with her 6 year old daughter, Sallie. The child was experiencing severe abdominal pain. The doctor diagnosed an appendicitis and feared it would soon burst. Before the anesthesia could take full effect, the doctor began cutting into Sallie. She was screaming from the pain, and suddenly went pale and limp. Sallie died on the operating table, her memories were of the man who she believed was torturing her.

What can you experience at the Sallie House? The house has always had a presence in it, however in 1993 the entity began to do more. Fires broke out, sinister attacks were aimed at the man who lived in the house, but not his wife or child. There would be cold areas, especially the operating area, and objects would move.

Other things that have been witnessed include:

  • Video and Investigative equipment would stop working
  • Batteries that are full are completely drained
  • Moving objects
  • Unexplained scratches or bruising during or after the visit to the house
  • Physical touches
  • Cold spots, that are unexplained
  • Trained guide dogs who refuse to enter the nursery

Psychics and paranormal investigators have confirmed the presence of spirits in the home, and have audio, video, and photographic proof. Several skeptics have left as believers. Now it’s your turn to see the Sallie House, will you believe too?

If you want to tour the Sallie House, please check the website that manages the Sallie House, for tour information, waivers, costs and other information.

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