Wisconsin has many haunted locations, one that has a long history of the paranormal is a location called Summerwind. It is also known as Lamont Mansion. The building itself has now been destroyed, and any remaining ruins are closed to the public.

Summerwind was located on a private island on the edge of West Bay Lake in Vilas county, at the top of Wisconsin. The Victorian style home was purchased by Robert Patterson Lamont in 1916. The stories of ghosts and haunted experiences began almost immediately.

The servants of Mr. Lamont claimed that there was a translucent woman walking around the driveway. Mr. Lamont discarded their claims until one night when eating dinner, the Lamonts heard the basement door rattling, going to investigate, Mr. Lamont fired a pistol at a ghost one night and was so frightened that he and his family abandoned the house.

The next owners that felt unsafe in the house were Mr. and Mrs. Keefer. Mrs. Keefer believed the house to be haunted and abandoned all her possessions, clothes, food, and furniture.

Finally in 1969, the next owners Arnold and Ginger Hinshaw and their six children had their own disturbing experiences in the house as well. Ghostly images of women, vague shapes and shadows flickering. They also claimed to hear voices in empty rooms.

After six months of living in the house, Arnold suffered a nervous breakdown and Ginger had contemplated suicide. They then sold the some back to the Keefer family.

In 1980 the popularity of the mansion as a paranormal site exploded when it was covered by Life Magazine as one of the Top 9 most terrifying sites in the United States. Unfortunately in 1988, the abandoned home was struck by lightning and ultimately burned to the ground. There were no suspicions of arson.

However are the claims actually true, or is it all a major hoax? Have you been to the ruins of Summerwind? Have you experienced the sights of ghostly apparitions or voices on the wind? We may never know as the property is only in ruins, and still privately owned. If you have had experience at this location, please share with me!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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