Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day. A day we celebrate those fierce woman who carried us, endured the pain of labor and childbirth, and spent uncountable days and minutes worrying about us.

Where we happy? Warm enough? Had enough to eat? Loved? Safe? She worries about us, and still does regardless of our age or where we are.

Moms are our most loyal supporters, the ones in our corner, helping fight our battles. She’s the one who has no problem providing advice, or telling you what a moron you are. But she always loves us.

Here’s to all the Mom’s, Step Mom’s, Foster Mom’s, Adopted Mom’s, Surrogate Mom’s, and even those women who may have only been in your life briefly. Remember to call them, thank them, and love them for all they have done!

Thank you Moms!!

Shout out to Peggy B. Jennifer Y. Miranda B. Jessica Y. Sue S. And Susanne V. You are all some of the best moms I know! Enjoy your day!!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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