Love Has Won

We have all heard of cults, we listened to those people who have been in them talk about the charisma, the love, the support that they had received while devoting their life to a person or cause…until it goes spectacularly wrong. The Love Has Won cult may not have gone down in a blaze of glory after a 52 day stand off, but something went wrong and a woman was found mummified.

Amy Carlson in High School

A new religious movement called, Love Has Won, was started around 2006 by Amy Carlson. Amy, born in Dallas, Texas, in 1975 started the group after becoming interested in New Age philosophy; leaving her third husband, her children, and her job to pursue the group. She also had no contact with most of her family.

Amy claimed that she had been reincarnated 534 times, and that she was really a divine being 19 billion years old and had birthed all creation. She had stated she would lead 144,000 people into a mystical 5th dimension. The group claimed that Amy was the queen of the lost continent Lemuria, that she was the daughter of Donald Trump, and had spoken to the spirit of deceased actor Robin Williams, who was now the Archangel Zadkiel. Their theology is a mix of New Age philosophy, conspiracy theories, and messiah worship. But lacked a fixed set of beliefs.

Amy was a revered leader and called “Mother God”, any of her romantic partners were given the temporary name of “Father God”.

Love Has Won was primarily based in Colorado, but the group moved briefly to Hawaii in 2020 and received a hostile reception from the locals after Amy claimed to be the Hawaiian goddess Pele. After leaving Hawaii a month after arriving, the group were in California, but were asked to leave due to overcrowding at the RV park they were staying in. They then returned to Colorado.

To support themselves, the group did daily livestreams on You Tube to recruit members, solicit donations and promote New Age products and supplements. The group had at most 30 members domestically, but claimed to have over 20 international ambassadors as well.

Love Has Won has often been described as a cult, and ex-members have accused the group of physical abuse and sleep deprivation. There have been numerous complaints with the local sheriff’s office about brainwashing and fraud. The group was featured on Dr. Phil in September of 2020 where Amy and two other members denied all accusations of abuse.

And like all cults, money was a driving factor. The group claimed that money is not important, and they repeatedly stated that hoarding money is wrong and they press followers to turn over social security benefits, cash in 401k’s and donate to their surplus of GoFundMe pages. They have been raising money for a 40 acre property in California, Crystal Schools (crystal and pure joy curriculum), a Tilt a Whirl, a new Garden of Eden and a motorhome for “Mother God”.

So how did Amy Carlson become mummified seven months later? Amy’s corpse was discovered at the end of April in 2021, in a trailer in Colorado. By her state of decay she had been dead for several weeks. Her body was wrapped in a sleeping bag with Christmas lights, her face was covered in glitter and her eyes were missing. Her followers enshrined her. It is claimed that she had died while in California, her death may have been due to the ingestion of large amounts of colloidal silver, which the group had been promoting as a COVID-19 cure. They were warned by the FDA for this.

The group advised that she had ascended and both their Facebook page and their Webpage were taken offline. Seven members of the cult were charged with abuse of a corpse and also with child abuse as there were two children living on the property as well.

Love Has Won members charged with abuse of a corpse and child abuse

There isn’t a lot of information available about Love Has Won yet, and as more comes out, perhaps we will learn more about what happened as well. Overall it sounds like your normal cult, making outrageous claims, saying you are all about love and acceptance, and then underlying that with now pay for all the stuff I want. I hope that Amy Carlson’s soul is at peace, and that her family can move on from this event.

Shout out the Cas R. who recommended this as a blog topic! Please share ideas for blogs and any comments you may have.

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