Olivu 426

Since last week was Mother’s Day, I thought this week I would showcase the skincare business that I was intending to do then. This is a Wisconsin based business, and they are not sponsoring this post.

Olivu 426 Store, Sheboygan Wisconsin

In Sheboygan WI, you will find a shop, devoted to improving the well-being of their customers. The owner, Caitlin Brotz, creates natural, personal care products that are truly healing, non-harmful, and affordable for everyday use.

Their website, olivu426.com, tells the story behind the brand. And showcases the staff and products they offer. The store offers products for men and women, babies and kids, from your hair to your toes. They also offer home gifts as well.

Now I’m all for supporting small business owners, and especially, Wisconsin business owners. So based on their website this is a business I want to shop at. I love the fact that the products are for your skin, and the testimonials claiming that they work, and most importantly, the cost isn’t going to break the bank.

Inside the Sheboygan store, Olivu 426.

Please consider shopping at small business owners, and giving them your hard earned money for a product that is better, usually less expensive and you are supporting your friends and neighbors. If you have tried these products please let me know!

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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