McPike Mansion

Just north of St. Louis MO, in Alton Il, is the mansion of Henry Guest McPike. Construction started on the home in 1869. The family used this as their country home until 1936. The house has seen many owners, and has been used as a college, and a boarding house as well. The house has not been occupied since the 1950’s.

McPike Mansion

But what’s so special about this neglected house? In paranormal circles, it is readily known for it’s hauntings, not only in the house but on the 15 acres surrounding it as well.

The house is thought to still house many of the spirits that lived there, and many people including psychics and mediums have felt a presence, with the majority of energies being strongest in the cellar. If you choose to research this location, and actually hunt on the property, you may encounter the following:

  • There is a man in old-fashioned clothing, who is suspected to be Paul Laichinger, one of the former owners.
  • Mists and orbs, some appearing in pictures.
  • The sensations of being touched, or smelling a phantom lilac perfume.
  • Hear metal doors scraping across the floor on their own
  • The wine cellar seems to be the hub of the paranormal network.

The house is open for private tours, overnight campouts, and nighttime paranormal research. Who would be willing to explore this location? Of course I would, but it’s always important to hunt together.

You are your own best investment

McPike Wine Cellar

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