The primer on face Primers

Twenty years ago I never heard of face primers, now we have face primers not only for our face, but eyes and lips too. But are they needed? what do they really do?

In my personal opinion, primers are absolutely needed. They can do so much for you and your skin but also for your makeup.

After cleansing and following your skincare regime (see previous posts for a step by step guide) you will want to start applying your makeup. But let’s start with the beginning, primer.

Your makeup can be applied on unprimed or unprepared skin, but your make up won’t look as good, you will use more product, and it won’t let you put your best face forward.

Now face primer comes in many options; color correcting, brightening, blurring, oil free, and sensitive skin. As many options you can find in your moisturizer, you can find a primer to compliment it.

Primer is designed to ‘prime’ your skin for the next step: make up. When applying a primer you are filling the fine lines, covering the blemishes that would otherwise prevent you from achieving that airbrushed look, or smooth face with your makeup.

After moisturizing and applying sunscreen, you apply a small amount of primer onto the back of your hand, and then massage it into your face. You then follow it up with your foundation or other make up products your use.

But you can specially prime other areas as well. Eyes and lips have their own formulas for primers as well.

Eye primers help prevent creasing, fading or even bleeding of your eye make up. They are designed to be oil free. Since your eye lids are more oily, I do not recommend using concealer, which is more of an oily product, and powder instead of primer on your eyes. The amount of primer needed for your eyes is less than a pea sized amount. This should be plenty for both eyes. After priming, you can make those beautiful orbs that can show your soul pop even more with your shadows and liners.

Similarly, lip primers will help prevent bleeding, fading, and cakey lip sticks. I have personally found that chapstick is a great moisturizer for your lips and then priming will allow you to have long lasting lip looks.

Don’t be afraid to work with different brands and formulas. What’s nice about make up is that you can make it up as you go and the look you love is all that matters. These are simply suggestions, not requirements.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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