April 30, 1945

Today’s post may be controversial in it’s theory. I am not defending nor am I disputing the actions that have taken place in history. The years of 1939 to 1945 were filled with horror, loss, and travesties that we in this day and age could not imagine. This topic today revolves around a pinprick in history, the final days of Adolf Hitler. I do not wish to offend anyone, and I certainly do not deny the Holocaust happened. I have stood in a concentration camp in Germany, and felt the somber feeling from those that passed between those barb wired fences and lived in the barracks. I do not doubt that this all happened. I’m only questioning if Adolf Hitler actually died in Berlin by suicide, or if he escaped Europe and made his way to another country that would accept him and his atrocities, allowing him to live until his natural death, decades later. Did his death really happen the way that history has reported or is there more?

According to history, Adolf Hitler and his wife Eva Braun, while spending the last few days of the war in the Fuhrerbunker in Berlin, knowing that the Allied forces were getting closer to the city daily, opted to commit suicide instead of face judgement for their many crimes. It was reported that Eva Braun had died from cyanide poisoning, Adolf Hitler had committed suicide from a gunshot wound in the head, from his own pistol.

Starting in June of 1945, Soviet leaders responded to a question at the Potsdam conference that Hitler was “…either in Spain or Argentina.” Both nations had been sympathetic to the Nazi regime, neither deported people to certain death at the German concentration camps, but they didn’t speak against Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich.

The Fuhrerbunker

July 1945, the charred remains discovered in the Fuhrerbunker were disputed as “a very poor double.” After two years of investigating by the Allies, 51% of the American public believed Hitler was still alive. So if there was belief that he was alive, how did he escape Berlin and where did he eventually go?

This is something that has been examined by major intelligence agencies worldwide, for decades. Declassified FBI documents, have now allowed new investigators, and historians, a chance to learn more about Hitler and his movements before his announced suicide.

Popular theories and belief is that Hitler and Braun left Berlin and made their way to Spain, a country ran by Dictator Francisco Franco. Franco and Hitler had negotiated terms for Franco to join the Axis powers, but Hitler didn’t find the terms favorable. Franco and Spain remained a ‘floating neutral’ country, where they favored the Axis powers but didn’t actively fight against the western countries on behalf of them. It is worth mentioning that Franco saved approximately 45,000 Jews who were in Spain.

From Spain, Hitler and Braun reportedly went to Argentina by Uboat. Before the end of the war, Hitler had dispatched teams to Argentina (and other places across the world) to build militaryesque compounds, providing for soldiers and higher level Nazi’s. These compounds including supplies for medical, military and everyday living. It is believed that Hitler and Braun made it to Argentina and then, they went further into South America.

For more theories on this subject, I would highly recommend watching the show, Hunting Hitler, aired originally on the History Channel. (Not sponsoring this post.) There were three seasons, and they explore the information they learned from the declassified documents, and find out if they answer the question of where is Adolf Hitler?

Personally, I believe that Hitler and possibly many more Nazi’s made it out of Europe to the open arms of Argentina and Juan Peron who also sympathized with the Nazi government. But is it worth learning more on? I say yes, I’m a fan of history and this time period has always held so much intrigue to me. I would love to find out the definite answer but, I don’t think we will ever be able to achieve that.

What are your thoughts on this theory? Do you feel Hitler died in Berlin as reported, or do you think he made his own great escape? Please feel free to share your thoughts on the subject. Again I mean no offense to those who have had family directly affected by this time period and I simply want to have an educated conversation around a topic that historians may still be trying to answer.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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