Levi Weeks

Who is Levi Weeks? I’ll be honest until I started to write this post, I didn’t know him either. I hadn’t even heard the name before until doing some research. Let me take you on a brief journey to Manhattan, NY.

Levi Weeks was born in 1776 in Massachusetts, and moved to New York in 1798, to work for his brother Ezra.

December 22, 1799, Levi and his lady friend, Gulielma Sands, were going out that night. Gulielma informed her cousin that she and Levi were going to be wed that night. In secret. Unfortunately Gulielma didn’t marry, but her name would be tied to Levi Weeks for eternity.

In Manhattan, there is a well, located in Lispenard Meadows. Now in today’s Soho. This well was located at the intersection of Greene and Spring Streets. It is in this well that Gulielma’s body was found on January 2, 1800. Her possessions were recovered near the well on December 24, 1799.

Now it was known to several people that Levi and Gulielma were seeing each other that night, and they were seen leaving her boarding house together. Levi was arrested and put on trial from March 31 to April 1, 1800. He was defended by Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, and Henry Brockholst Livingston. When the jury went to deliberate, they took all of 5 minutes to find him; Not Guilty.

However, Levi left New York anyways as his reputation was in shambles. Almost everyone thought he was guilty. He was still able to find success in Natchez, MS. Levi became a successful architect and builder, married and had 4 children. He passed away at age 43, in 1819.

The murder well as it has now become known, still exists. It is currently closed off and unless you are doing a special on the most haunted locations of America, you will most likely not see the inside of the well. The well is currently housed at 129 Spring St, Manhattan NY, and is in the basement of a retail store. Of which you can still see the well while shopping, as the well is visible in the men’s department.

Workers in the store claim that there are odd happenings and mysterious occurrences in the store, that they contribute to Gulielma Sands and her murder. People have claimed they can hear the screams of Gulielma near the well. Is this really true? There truly is only one way to find out.

If you have visited the retail store, and were able to see the well first hand, please share your experiences with me! I would be very interested to know if the well is still haunted, and the area surrounding it as well.

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