Color Correctors

Hello my lovelies! Today I wanted to discuss a product that is important only if you need it. Color correctors can make your look go from Velma to Vamp.

They are designed to be put on your skin, after moisturizing and priming. Before your foundation and other products. And you can get a palette of numerous colors…..but what do you do with them all? Rest assured I am here to help guide you on this.

Now we all have areas on our faces that we want to correct. It could be acne, dark under eyes, or even problem areas that are considered in the ‘five o’clock shadow’. Each area that needs correcting has a special color corrector for it. Please remember to use the “less is more” philosophy with color correctors. You can always add more if needed but it’s nearly impossible to take away extra product after you have added it, unless you wash it all off and start again.

So here is what you can use a guide when using color correctors:

If you have acne, rosacea, or other redness on your face, you will want to cancel that out with a green or yellow color corrector. It is not required to use both, one or the other will work very well. Simply dab on the product and tap/blend it into your skin. When adding your foundation over, you won’t see the redness, nor the color corrector but it will make your foundation cover better.

If you have dark under eyes, or perhaps bruising on your face, you will want to correct that color with a pink color corrector. As above, dab it onto the area, less is more, and then blend into the area that needs correcting. Especially with your eyes, if you add too much product it will start to crease and have the potential of caking when you add more product on top.

If you have yellow spots on your skin, think dull patches; using a purple color corrector is a way to neutralize those areas. Dab it onto the areas that need it and you will see an overall brightening on your face. It is possible to use this on your entire face, but since I’m also concerned about adding too much product, I would limit it to the areas you need it most.

Now for the areas of your face that you have blue undertones; reach for an orange or peach color corrector. This is especially true for my hirsute ladies out there. Blue undertones on your skin would occur primarily if you have facial hair (usually of the unwanted variety). However, those men who do wear make up, you will want to find a perfect color corrector for those areas to help eliminate the shadow and allow your foundation to cover fully.

There may be other color correcting shades out there, so please do your further research or ask a professional make up artist for other suggestions. The options above would most likely work with the majority of areas that need correction. Again, I want to state that you will need to use the barest amount of color corrector and even if you perceive a flaw, it may not require a color corrector. If you can skip adding product to your face, please don’t feel you have to add color corrector to yours. More product means more possibility of pores being clogged and more breakouts or other issues.

You are beautiful just as you are and do not need to cover your beauty with layers of product just to satisfy the world’s idea of what a woman should look like.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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