Slender Man

Urban Legends are everywhere, in every country, state, city, and even every family. Some call them folklore, some call them history, but they are mostly stories that may have been from other sources that have been created and adapted along the way. Such is true with the character described as Slender Man.

Slender Man is an unnaturally tall, thin, humanoid. He has a featureless face, and is most often seen in a black suit. Slender Man is commonly known to stalk, abduct and/or traumatize people, especially children.

In 2014, Slender Man was thrust into the media when two 12 year old girls attempted to murder a third girl by stabbing her 19 times. They claimed this was to become proxies for Slender Man. The victim survived her attack.

Other stories of attacks in the name of Slender Man were relayed across the United States. Other young teens attacked family members with knives or set their homes on fire, all in the name of Slender Man. In 2015, many suicide attempts were made on people ages 12 – 24 on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

After the 2014 stabbing incident, Slender Man became less creepy and more horrifying. Scholars have argued that despite being a fictional work, Slender Man is a form of digital folklore. Because of the horrifying acts done in the name of Slender Man, his popularity has declined with those who followed his creation and comics in the past. Other sites have limited his exposure or shut down completely.

What do you think of the myth of Slender Man? Is he an urban legend, a scary story, or a folklore? Please share your thoughts and ideas and especially other legends you would like to hear about.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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