Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. A day we celebrate the men in our lives that have been there since day one. Who where our first heros and the man we compare all other men to.

Our dad’s took care of things for us like teaching us to throw a baseball, how to blow bubbles in our milk, or even telling us jokes and stories to make us laugh.

Dads are the ones who protect us, defend us, keep our cars running, know what a 10mm wrench is needed for and has every tool known to man somewhere in the garage. We call him to help us with a flat tire, or to even buy us dinner.

Here’s to all the Dad’s, Step Dad’s, Foster Dad’s, Adopted Dad’s, Surrogate Dad’s, and even those men who may have only been in our life briefly. Remember to call them, thank them, and love them for all they have done!

Thank you Dads!!

Shout out to Darrel B., Michael B., Jacob S., Robert Y., Jason S., and LeRoy S. You are all some of the best dads I know! Enjoy your day!!

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