Happy Fourth of July

Today the United States celebrates its freedom from the British Empire in 1776. Today our country adopted the Declaration of Independence and started to make a name for themselves. Here are some fun facts about the Fourth of July celebrations now:

  • Americans will enjoy 150 million hot dogs during the 4th of July
  • Fireworks are an American tradition dating back to 1777
    • Americans spend more than $1 Billion worth of fireworks each year. Only 10% are done professionally, please be safe!
  • In 1778 during the American Revolutionary War, George Washington ordered a double ration of Rum for soldiers to celebrate with.
  • July 4th was not deemed a federal holiday until 1870, almost 100 years after America was founded.

Since we enjoy watching and lighting fireworks, please be considerate of not only your neighbors and friends, but of animals who may fear the noise and those who may have been in a combat situation and suffer from PTSD, to them I say Thank You, and may they too enjoy the day.

Happy Holidays!

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