Mystery – Morgan Nick

A parent’s worst nightmare is when their child is taken or missing. Even if it is for a few minutes. But when your child isn’t recovered, you live that nightmare every single day. For Colleen Nick, she’s lived a nightmare for the last 26 years.

Morgan Nick, 6 years old

Morgan Nick was six years old when she went to a Little League game with her mother Colleen, in Alma, Arkansas. It was June 1995 and late in the evening, approximately 10.30pm, Morgan asked if she could catch lightning bugs with her friends. Colleen was hesitant, but eventually let her go. About 15 minutes later she was last seen by her friends. She was sitting alone, near her mother’s car emptying the sand out of her shoes. Her friends recall seeing a creepy man talking to Morgan when she was putting her shoes back on.

The other kids returned to the game without her, informing her mother that she was waiting at the car, when getting to the car, Colleen didn’t see Morgan. She would not see nor hear her since that night.

Suspects Truck

The man was described as white, six feet tall, a mustache and 1 inch beard. There was a red Ford pickup truck with a camper that disappeared at about the same time as Morgan.

There hasn’t been any leads on this case that are consistently moving forward. In January of 2002, police conducted a dig in Booneville, AR, after receiving a tip that Morgan may be buried there. The tip was “so specific” that police decided to dig, and even used a police dog. Nothing was found and they didn’t return to the property.

In November 2010, federal investigators searched a house in Spiro, OK, for DNA evidence that Morgan had been in the house. In December of 2017, they returned to the house to conduct another search after receiving a tip. Cadaver dogs alerted investigators to a well on the property which was the “center of the investigation”. The next day the search was called off as no evidence was found.

In 1996, Colleen Nick started the Morgan Nick Foundation to help parents cope with the disappearance of children and helps prevent children from going missing. In August 2012, Tonya Smith and James Monhart, two convicted felons were arrested for attempting to assume the identity of Morgan Nick.

If you have any information on this case, please contact the Alma Police Department at 501.632.3930. You can also reach out to the Morgan Nick Foundation at or at 1.877.543.HOPE(4673)

Protect the children, make good choices, stay safe

Morgan Nick age progression

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