The Diaz Triangle

Many people have a relationship that they would rather not remember, nor talk about. And some people only have a nightmare after the relationship has ended. Some cases are so confusing and elaborate that you need a Sherpa to guide you through them. Let’s learn about Angela and Ian Diaz and Michelle Hadley.

From Left to Right: Michelle Hadley, Ian Diaz, and Angela Diaz

Michelle Hadley, was in a relationship with Ian Diaz, for 2 years, from 2013 to 2015. After their relationship ended, Ian met and married Angela, and shortly after the wedding, harassing messages began to be received. The messages were threatening the life of Angela and of her unborn child, even though she wasn’t actually pregnant.

Scared, Angela finally got a restraining order against Michelle. But things got worse. Soon ads were found online for “rape fantasies”. It appeared that Michelle was looking for men to rape Angela. Angela’s picture and personal routine were sent to these men, and these men were told she wanted to have forcible sex with them, even if she screamed or resisted.

At least two men, who were planning to take part in these “rape fantasies” were intercepted by law enforcement.

Angela informed police that Michelle was stalking her and was not aware of the online ads that Michelle had supposedly placed. On June 24, Angela called 911 stating a man entered her garage and attempted to rape her. Michelle was then arrested and released later on bail.

When she was arrested Angela said the threats stopped coming in, but when Michelle was released, they started again. Two weeks later, Michelle was arrested again, when Angela claimed violent language and photos were included in the emails to making them more legitimately frightening. This time Michelle didn’t post bail, and stayed in jail for three months.

So why did she do it? Angela, I mean, not Michelle.

Oh, did I fail to mention that the threats, ads, and messages, were all from Angela? Michelle wasn’t the guilty party in this case.

During the two years that Michelle and Ian dated, they jointly bought a condo together. Michelle financed the down payment. When they broke up 2 months later, she moved out and Ian was living there with his new fiancée, Angela.

Michelle and Ian were in an ongoing dispute over the condo when the plan to harass and intimidate Angela, by framing Michelle, took shape. Ian was trying to dissuade Michelle from kicking him out of the condo.

The plan progressed to posting ads on Craigslist, hoping to stage a non-consensual sexual assault on Angela, while the other party believed it to be consensual. When Ian communicated with a man who was interested, he then called the police. Ian and Angela said they were scared for their own safety and insisted that Michelle needed to be “in fucking cuffs and in a padded room.”

Ian asked the police, “At what point does this girl get arrested for sending this shit and hiring guys off Craigslist to rape Angela Diaz?” The next day Ian texted another Craigslist user to lure him to the condo. The couple staged more sexual assaults, or attempted assaults, which eventually led to Michelle being arrested.

When it came about that Michelle was not involved in this case, it got even crazier.

To conceal what they were doing, Ian created another email address for a different former girlfriend to communicate with Angela. He even used that account on his work cell phone assigned to him by the US Marshall Service. Oh yes, Ian was in law enforcement all the while plotting and helping harass Angela, by framing Michelle. All over a condo.

In late 2016 when the conspiracy began to unravel, Ian threw Angela under the bus and stated she was “solely responsible for framing Michelle.” The US Marshals Service relieved Ian of his operational duties and placed him on administrative leave.

Thankfully, Michelle was exonerated, but not after the damage was done. Michelle had lost her job, dropped out of business school, been forced to move in with her parents, accrued extraordinary debt, and developed PTSD.

Michelle filed suit against Ian and Angela Diaz (who may have divorced) the City of Anaheim, and the Anaheim Police Department. Michelle claims that the detectives turned a blind eye because Ian was a fellow law enforcement officer.

Angela Diaz pleaded guilty to felony perjury, grand theft, and several misdemeanor charges. She was sentenced to 5 years in prison.

Ian was arrested for cyberstalking, conspiracy to commit cyberstalking, and perjury in May of 2021. He faces a maximum of 5 years in prison.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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