The Pea Farm

Prisons serve a purpose, whether you agree or not. They restrict those who commit crimes and protect people from having crimes committed against them, by having criminals or violent people safely behind bars, walls, and with guards.

The Pea Farm, officially known as the Caddo Parish Penal Farm, is one of the places that has a history of being a prison, but also haunted. The Pea Farm is located in the woods of Shreveport, off of West 70th Street. It is a grim reminder of the horrors that the prison has held for decades.

Built in 1905, and housing minimal security offenders. The inmates worked the acres of the farm to earn food and board. Anyone who didn’t work the fields didn’t get fed. Brutality from the guards was common, and many were beaten to death. Next to the prison was the Potter’s Cemetery and it was here that the inmates were buried and some even in unmarked graves.

Adjacent to the Pea Farm was the women’s prison. When it was closed the women prisoners were moved to the Pea Farm as well. The women were not spared from the brutality, and even experienced more by being beaten and raped by the guards.

What can you experience at the Pea Farm?

  • Being touched
  • Dragged inside
  • Clacking
  • Moaning
  • Sobbing
  • Black shadow figures
  • Apparitions

The Pea Farm and area surrounding the abandoned buildings is on private land. So please get permission before exploring, as you may be arrested and prosecuted.

My apologies as this location didn’t provide a lot of data for me to share, however the best way to experience something is to do it, but if you do, do it legally.

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