Powdering My Nose

And my cheeks, under my eyes, and in my T- zone. In fact powder can go anywhere on your face. It can be used to set your foundation, cover up a shiny area on your face, or even to help enhance your skin tone.

But there are many powder options, which is the best to use and where?

**This post is not sponsored by any product or brand mentioned therein**

To begin, there are six different types powder and they can all do something different for your face and/or your makeup look.

Translucent Powder: This is a favorite among beauty gurus, make up artists, and YouTube stars. Why? Because it works wonderfully and it doesn’t change the way your carefully applied foundation and concealer look. It’s translucent, meaning it’s clear. Translucent powder is available in both loose and pressed versions, and commonly used to “bake” underneath your eyes. Baking allows for a more flawless, matte finish. Not as common as in years past as now most people are looking for glowing, dewy skin.

Finishing Powder: Used to primarily conceal the appearance of fine lines and pores. This is not a translucent powder so when using it remember it can change the way your makeup look. A variety of pigments available, can help enhance your look.

Mineral Powder: Mineral powder is made from, minerals. It’s going to provide a more fuller coverage and is great when trying to omit foundation but still have the coverage desired. Available in loose or even pressed varieties it’s a great option when doing a full face of makeup and not wanting the the heaviness of foundation.

Pressed Powder: Available in compacts. We have all had a compact, or know of someone who carried one. It’s something that can be, translucent, finishing, or even mineral. Or none of the above. It is simply called pressed powder because it is pressed into the compact.

Loose Powder: Another product described by it’s name. Loose powder, can be translucent, finishing, mineral, or any combination there of. It can also be none of the above. The difference between loose and pressed, is that loose is messier in it’s application, shake off the excess from a large brush and apply. You still may have it all over yourself, your floor, your counter, dog, shoes, purse….You get the idea.

Banana Powder: Solely named because it is yellow tinted powder. Ideal for setting your concealer but also color correcting those dark circles under your eyes. If you are looking for a product that can pull double duty, look no further.

If you find yourself being photographed frequently either by your fan club or for your selfies; be sure that the powder you use gives no flashback. You’ve seen it on celebrity photos, and it’s not something anyone wants especially when you plan to have your picture taken.

What works best for my skin? Short answer – any of them. Long answer – see below:

If you have dry skin: use a smaller amount of powder on a larger brush, as powder tends to dry out an area. Be sure to use moisturizer and foundation first.

If you have oily skin: Translucent powder is probably your best bet. As stated above, it’s clear and will help with those oily areas you can’t seem to control.

If you have aging/mature skin: Finishing powder will help “blur” those fine lines you may have. Investing in a good finishing powder could be your next best friend.

Check out what your powder is or isn’t doing for you. I hope you find a product that you love and that loves you back.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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