Poveglia Island

I have to apologize to you all. I’ve been neglecting the world and focusing mostly on the United States and all of our reputed haunted locations. So today, I’m going to try and fix that. Please accept my apologies and let’s discover the haunted island of Poveglia.

When I think of Venice, I think of gondolas, canals, and carnival. Some may also think of blown glass, Piazza San Marco, and the Rialto bridge. But as beautiful as any person, place or thing may be there is always a dark side. Always.

The island of Poveglia, as seen from Lido

For this region of Italy, that dark side may be Poveglia Island. Located in the Venetian lagoon, situated between Venice and Lido, is the small island. It is divided in two by a canal.

Sadly visits are no longer permitted to the island, so please do not try. However, we as humans do like to keep our history alive by making detailed documentation, and the history for this island is no different.

Originally mentioned in 421AD, the island was populated until the late 14th century when residents fled due to warfare. Starting in 1776, the island was used as a quarantine hospital for those who were suffering from the plague and other diseases. Afterwards the hospital was used for the mentally insane and was open until 1968.

Poveglia Island Hospital

So the question remains, is the island or any of it’s buildings haunted? Since the last 300+ years have hosted people who were suffering from the plague, illness, disease, and mental illness, many people have died here. It is assumed that over 50% of the land is covered with human remains.

Since it is illegal to visit the island, stories and first hand experiences are not available about what may or may not be happening on the island. The one story I did learn about is as follows:

During the years that the island and buildings were used to help and treat the mentally ill, there were doctors in the 1920’s who would perform numerous experiments on the patients. (Your imagination may lead you to create your own ideas on what those were.) One of the doctors having performed experiments and had his own experience with paranormal entities, jumped to his death from the bell tower.

The bell has since been removed from the tower, but some residents on nearby islands claim to hear the bell ring from time to time from the island. Perhaps it’s true, perhaps not, when you visit Venice, maybe you too will hear the famous ghost bell ring.

That is the history of Poveglia Island. I’m not saying it is or isn’t haunted, but one would like to know why the entire island is restricted and it being illegal to visit. If you know more, please share with me as I would love to have the complete information or as complete as we can get.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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