The Tools of Our Trade

Plumbers have wrenches and pipes, electricians use wires and outlets, teachers use chalk and books. We all have our own tools we use to do our jobs, hobbies, and perform life events. Especially true with beauticians, influencers, and others in the beauty industry. I’m not talking about make up palettes or other cosmetics. I’m talking about the brushes and sponges that allow us to go from meh to marvelous.

I have used some great brushes, and I’ve used some not so great brushes. Does it really matter about the brush? Yes and no. Most of the time, any basic brush will do fine for your make up application. However there are some brushes that are not quality brushes and you can tell by their fibers/hairs.

Do the brushes hairs come out just by touching them? When applying products to the hairs remain on your skin? Do the bristles feel frayed? Are they attached to the handle firmly, or do they wobble? If they do any of these things, then you do not have a quality brush.

There are a full range of quality brushes out there, for all budgets. My favorite brands at the moment, which are not sponsored on this post, are:

  • Morphe Brushes:
    • Morphe offers brushes in sets or individually. They have good products that are firmly attached, smooth, and I haven’t had a bristle come out when applying their product. Their brushes are not too expensive, but keep in mind that you do pay for quality. That said their brushes range from $5 to $20, and sets can vary in price as well up to $35 sometimes even more.
  • E.L.F. Brushes:
    • E.L.F. is a great brand of products and brushes as well. I enjoy that they too have brushes in both sets and individual options. Their brushes I have found work sometime better than the more expensive brushes and when cleaning they clean up perfectly without damaging the bristles. Their products range from $4 and up for individual brushes, and for sets up to $50.

Generally I like to give three options but when it comes to my make up brushes, when I find a product that I like, I tend to stick with that one. Right now it’s the two brands and if I do come across a third, I’ll be sure to share them with you.

The other tool of our trade is the make up sponge. Now I’m not talking about that white triangular sponge that your mothers and grandmothers may have used, and if we are honest we probably used them to start with as well, I know I did. I’m really talking about the sponges that now look like water drops, some as large as a lime, and some no bigger than a large acorn.

We have all heard the brand Beauty Blender, but for up to $20 for one sponge, I look to the other brands out there. I have found that they all work great if you get them wet, but not wringing wet, like you are supposed to and clean them regularly. I currently am using the options available at Ulta Beauty and their store brand works wonderfully for applying foundations, concealers, highlight, contour, powders. I’m not disappointed and I hope you also look at the store brands where you shop and see if they work as good (or sometimes better) than the higher priced name brands.

I hope that if you are in the market to buy new brushes or sponges that this gives you a little more insight into what you should look for and the most important thing I can offer is: buy only what you can afford. DO NOT GOT INTO DEBT TO BUY HIGH PRICED ITEMS. It’s not worth it.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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