The Pancake Chapel

With a name like that, it’s sounds almost too good to be evil. But then, first impressions can be misleading.

Located in London, Ohio, on Selsor Moor Road, a small brick building sits in a field. It is known as the Pancake Chapel, or the Pancake Schoolhouse. No longer used as either a chapel nor a schoolhouse, but as a storage building for a local farmer. The small cemetery behind the chapel reminds people of the previous use of the structure.

This one room building, appears to be a normal schoolhouse built in the late 1800’s but the building has a dark past. Local legends state that the school is haunted by children who were killed during an Indian raid. Whether this is true or not is unknown. Some witnesses have reported strange lights, and the voices of children crying or screaming.

Pancake Chapel Cemetery

It is believed that the children were buried in unmarked graves. Leading one to believe that the spirits can’t leave until they have their names and perhaps a proper burial, before they could move on from the place.

Whether it’s haunted or not, it’s a great place to check out, as it is privately owned please be sure to ask permission first.

Be curious, be strong, be you

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