An Outline of a Curving or Irregular Figure

Also known as Contouring. Facial contouring with makeup has really taken off and become super common now. Contouring is simply allowing you to enhance what you have and disguising things you may not love. Yours truly has gotten into contouring my chin and neck area, because sometimes, I don’t want to have extra chins.

**This post is not sponsored by any products or brands mentioned therein**

I’m sure many of you know how to contour, or have at least seen people who do, or even people who do it wrong. I’m not here to tell you the correct way or how to do it. The make up gods have not given me that ultimate knowledge. I am here to help guide you to products that may help you, and let you know what I personally do, that may or may not be correct, but works for me.

First of all; what products would be best to contour with? Cream or powders? I use both when I choose to contour. Here are the products I currently use and how I use them. You can use any products that you like, there really is nothing wrong with using powders, bronzer, cream products, concealer, or even shades of eyeshadow to achieve the look you want. Make up artists may disagree with me, however if you are cosplaying, you may need to use a matte blue eyeshadow to contour your Avatar look.

Currently to contour I use MegaGlo Dual Ended Contour Stick by Wet N’ Wild. $5.99 at Ulta. This comes in two shads, light/medium and medium/tan. Since I’m rather pale, I went with the light/medium stick. The product is rather creamy, and applies smoothly to prepared skin. (See previous posts on skin prep and care.) I apply it to my jawline, sometimes on my neck, and at my hairline. I will then apply this to the hollows of my cheeks, going from my hairline to about two thirds or less into my cheek. Not all the way to my nose or mouth.

I apply this rather heavy, as I apply it before foundation. I prefer the way it looks for the final look when doing this under my foundation.

After apply foundation, yes the contouring does fade somewhat. This is where I use a powder option to enhance the contour. I do not usually apply this in all the areas, usually in the hollow of my cheeks only. Since it’s a powder it’s not super heavy, and I only swipe on a little amount, simply to enhance what the stick contour started. I am using Hoola Matte Bronzer Mini from Benefit Cosmetics, $17 from This product is a nice soft powder, and it is nicely pigmented so you do not need a lot. Let me repeat that, YOU DO NOT NEED A LOT if the product is highly pigmented.

Using these two products I achieve the contouring look that works for me, and that I prefer. Especially when I do put in the effort to apply makeup. You can certainly use one or the other, and apply them where, when, and how you like, but this is currently want I do.

Remember you are beautiful already, any makeup you use is simply enhancing what you have, you do not need to hide behind a mask.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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