Whaley House

If you build it, they will come. I know it’s a quote from Field of Dreams, but I’m not talking about a baseball field in a cornfield. I am referring to ghost or spirits. The spirits of old ball players came to play in a cornfield in Iowa and if you build a house on a graveyard, you can assume the ghosts will come for that too.

In Old Town San Diego, you will find an historic property called the Whaley house. The house itself has “witnessed more history than any other building in the city.” Originally built in 1857, the house had been a general store, a second county courthouse, and the first community theater. It was also built on a graveyard.

Thomas and Anna Whaley moved into the house after they married in New York. They had six children. However illness and other calamities befell the family. Over the years, many of the family died, and it’s rumored that you may be able to see one of the Whaley family members if you visit the house. Whaley family members you may encounter are: Baby Thomas Jr, Anna, Violet, Francis, George and Corinne.

Besides the family members who died in the house, other spirits may be there from other guests who perished within the houses walls. Thomas Tanner, a performer, rented out a room to use as theater space, 17 days after opening, Thomas died, effectively disbanding his acting troupe. His spirit may still reside in the house.

Yankee Jim

Another spirit that you may encounter, who is known to walk the floors of the upper level, is that of James “Yankee Jim” Robinson, who was previously hung on the property for stealing a boat.

Anytime a home has a haunted history, or reputed haunted history, someone in the media claims it is the most haunted house in America. Life Magazine gave this title to Whaley House in 2005. I hope to visit the house in the future and see for myself, but until then I can only speculate if it is haunted or not. Believing is seeing, and if you believe in the supernatural, paranormal, or hauntings of spirits, you may actually see them.

If you have visited the house, please share with me your experiences.

Happy Haunted Hunting, my friends

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