The Boy In The Box

Some of the cases I stumble upon, affect me. Especially when it involves children. Children should never have to experience such violence that ends their lives. But when a violent act is committed and the child is not able to be identified it seems to make it even harder. Today’s case is such a case that it’s hard not to be touched, and angered that a young boy was taken too soon, and unfortunately America’s Child is still unknown.

In February 1957, the body of a young boy, aged 4-6 years, was found in the woods, in Fox Chase, Pennsylvania. His naked body was inside a box which once contained a bassinet.

The boy was autopsied, not only to learn his identity, but to also find out what caused his demise. His hair had recently been cropped, there were signs of malnourishment, as well as scars on his ankle, groin, and under his chin.

The boy’s fingerprints were taken, and police were optimistic that they would find out the boy’s identity, but sadly that never happened. No one has ever come forth with any useful information.

Many theories and tips have been used to advance the case, the two that have generated the most interest are:

  • The Foster Home:
    • There was a foster home approximately 1.5 miles from the site of the body. Upon entering an estate sale at the foster home, Remington Bristow, an employee of the medical examiner’s office, discovered a bassinet similar to the one that was sold in a box that the boy was found in. He had also discovered blankets hanging on the line, that were similar to the one in which the boy was wrapped in. Remington’s theory was that the boy was the son of the stepdaughter of the man who ran the foster home. They disposed of the boy so the girl wouldn’t be exposed as an unwed mother. He theorizes that the death was an accident.
  • The Woman Known as Martha or M:
    • In February 2002, a woman only known as Martha, claimed that her mother was abusive and had “purchased” the unknown boy, who she said was named Jonathan. He had been bought from his birth parents in 1954. The boy was subjected to extreme physical and sexual abuse for two and a half years. One evening the boy had vomited up his dinner and was severely beaten for it. His head was slammed against the floor until he lost consciousness. He was given a bath, during which he died.
    • Martha’s mother had cut the boy’s hair in an effort to conceal his identity. Her mother then forced Martha to assist her in dumping the body. A confidential testimony given by a male witness in 1957, stated that the body had been placed in a box previously discarded at the scene.
    • Most of the details in Martha’s story matched information only known to police. However previous neighbors claimed that Martha’s claims were ridiculous, as she had a history of mental illness.

It is probably fair to assume that the identity of this little boy will never be known. It breaks my heart that those that perpetrated this crime will be unpunished, at least in this world. Hopefully his soul is at peace.

Be safe, make good choices, take care of the children

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