**This article may be too intense for some readers, it may contain adult language, references to sexual relations, incest, and rape. Reader discretion is suggested.**

Currently Marcus Delon Wesson, aged 75, resides in San Quentin State Prison. He is waiting for his execution. He was convicted in 2005 for nine counts for first degree murder; 14 counts of forcible rape and sexual molestation of seven of his daughters and nieces. So what happened in this unusual family dynamic?

Born in 1946, Marcus was the oldest of four children. His mother was a religious fanatic, and raised her children in the Seventh Day Adventist Church. His father was an alcoholic and a child abuser. He abandoned his family when Marcus was a child. In the 1960’s his family had moved to San Bernardino, CA.

Marcus had spent two years in the Army, and after leaving, he moved in with Rosemary Solorio and her children in San Jose, CA. Rosemary would have Marcus’ first son in 1971. Three years later, Marcus began to sexually abuse Rosemary’s 8 year old daughter, Elizabeth. He would eventually marry Elizabeth, when she was legally able to marry, at the age of 15, and they would have a total of 10 children together.

Elizabeth Wesson

Not surprising, Marcus was abusive towards his wife and children. He encouraged his adult children to work and give him all their earnings. He never held a steady job and lived off welfare. Eventually he was convicted of welfare fraud.

Marcus built the cult like family with his children from the beginning. He prevented Elizabeth from participating in the children’s upbringing, he homeschooled them from his own handwritten bible that focused on Jesus Christ being a vampire. He insisted he be called ‘Master’ or ‘Lord’ and taught the children to prepare for Armageddon.

Marcus sexually abused two daughters and three nieces beginning at age 8, each of the 5 girls became pregnant as a result. The girls were destined to become Marcus’ future wives and they were not allowed to talk to their male siblings or their mothers. All of the children in the home were physically abused.

Before March 12, 2004, Marcus had declared his intention to move his daughters and their children to Washington state to be near his parents. This declaration caused several members and two nieces who rebelled against him to converge on the family compound. They demanded the release of their children.

Police were summoned.

A standoff ensued. Gunshots were heard. When the police finally entered the home, Marcus Wesson was alive, but nine other people were dead. Each victim had been fatally shot through the eye, the bedroom was filled with antique coffins and each victim was inside one coffin. Victims ages ranged from 1 years old to 25 years old.

At his trial, Marcus’ defense team, presented the defense that the murders all were committed by Marcus’ 25 year old daughter, Sebhrenah. Her DNA was found on the gun, and it is possible that she killed the younger victims, and then turned the gun on herself – the jury declined to find that Wesson fired the shots, but convicted him of murder anyway. They found that he had persuaded his children to enter into a suicide pact.

An that my friends is a glimpse into the Marcus Wesson case. What concerns me the most in these cases, is that children are consistently used for nefarious deeds. Abuse, rape, incest, and finally murder. Why? Because someone wanted to control people and when that wasn’t working, he did a final act of horror. But he didn’t die, oh no, Marcus Wesson wasn’t worthy of death, he deserves to be in prison, and I hope that karma works for him now, and let him be raped and abused.

For the victims, I hope their souls are at rest.

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