Third Place

That’s usually what bronze means, third place. But for your face, bronzer is the option to take you from porcelain beauty, to a glowing goddess. Personally my skin doesn’t usually get exposed to natural or artificial tanning lights, I work inside, and when I do have to go out for extended periods, I will apply an SPF of at least 50 or more. I take sun protection seriously. So my skin resides permanently in the porcelain category.

But I don’t always want to look like an albino in a cloistered order. So I bring out the bronzer when I need a little glow. Word of advice; less is more. Start with a little bronzer and add more as needed, remember you aren’t using to cover your whole face, you are only adding a little extra glow to your skin where needed. If you put on too much it won’t look natural, and that is the end goal, a natural looking glow. From make up.

Almost seems a contradiction in terms, but I digress.

If you wanted to have the appearance of a tan on your body, and do not want to go into the sun or a tanning booth, then a good self tanner may be an option. Jergens offers a tanning lotion, than provides a good tan after a few applications, and it appears much more natural than other self tanners, you aren’t orange or steaky, but as it is a lotion, you would have to apply it each day to keep the tan from fading. It’s a rather reasonable option, available at most drug stores, or department stores, $8.64.

When I had discussed the contour options a couple weeks ago , I mentioned the bronzer I use to help with my contour. That hasn’t changed, and I do use that for contour. If I was planning to do a make up look for a more “natural” look I would apply the bronzer differently.

So what’s the difference between bronzer and contour? Contour defines the structure and dimensions of your face, bronzer provides a glow to your skin. When I use my bronzer I use it to help define my face, hence it’s use as contour. I’m more precise with it’s placement. When I want to use it more as a bronzer, I will apply it a little less precisely and use a different brush/applicator as well, to give a more sun-kissed look.

To apply the bronzer to give that more sun-kissed look that people want, use a bigger brush with looser/softer bristles. Start lightly, and work from the forehead down the side of your temple to your cheekbones, and then down along your jawline. You can envision a large 3 on your face, then you are applying it where you need to. After you apply the bronzer, follow it with an application of blush, but choose a rosy blush to give you more of that glowing goddess look. And to blend it in….I can’t stress blending enough.

Remember that you are beautiful just as you are and anything you do to enhance your beauty should be for you, to give you happiness, help boost your confidence, or to simply help you smile.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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