Conspiracy Theory – Moon Landing

I thought today I would change things up a bit and talk about a conspiracy theory. Many people believe the moon landing to be a giant hoax. My opinion on this topic will be expressed at the end of this post, I’m here to give you the conspiracy opinion.

July 21, 1969; 238,855 miles away, Neil Armstrong said the now famous words, “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for man kind.” He said these words when he stepped out onto the moon. Allegedly.

Now in 1969, NASA was able to design and build a rocket to not only leave the Earth’s atmosphere, but actually travel over 238,000 miles and land on the moon. And then they were able to live broadcast this. How was this even possible?

There are some “facts” that those who feel this event was an event created in Hollywood, and not on the moon orbiting our planet. Here is what they think:

The Flag on the Moon

The American flag was fluttering in the breeze. Unfortunately the moon does not have the same environment that Earth does. It doesn’t have oxygen, or any other air current that could possibly make that flag flutter. NASA had responded to this point by saying that the flag was simply crumpled from the trip to the moon and wasn’t completely open.

The Shadows on the Moon. Having the sun shining without a cloud or other obstacle in the way would have a shadow form behind you when facing the sun. How many suns are actually in our solar system? One. So if the cameras, and videos of this momentous occasion were capturing this event with the sun behind them the shadows should be in front of them. But on the pictures of the moon landing, the shadows seemed to be all over the place, one explanation for that is because on a film set, there are lots of lights….hence multiple shadows.

Where are the stars? Besides in Hollywood? The pictures from the moon were missing something that should have been there had it been captured from outer space. Stars. There are billions of stars in the night sky, and the NASA cameras captured exactly, zero of them. None of the NASA pictures have a single star in the night sky.

The Moon’s landscape is all the same. According to NASA the missions sent to the moon were all documented as to their landing and their explorations. So the images that were captured would all be wouldn’t they? However that is something rather noticeable in some of the pictures. A rock seems to have cloned itself on the moon’s surface, and various missions who explored areas miles apart from each other, have very similar landscape. Did NASA get lazy with the set and just recycle it?

Moon graffiti on the rocks? There is a moon rock that has an impression on it of the letter ‘C’. If this was actually on the moon, how did a perfect letter ‘C’ become etched onto this rock if we were the first ones there? NASA has answered this question for us by stating it was a stray hair on the lens. Not a prop rock on a movie set.

Cosmic Microwave. Now ever since Marie Curie worked on radioactivity, it’s been known that radiation is deadly. Now it took the astronauts almost 2 hours to go through the Van Allen Belt. This was a radiation belt. The ship the astronauts were in was covered in aluminum, but was that much exposure to radiation safe? NASA said it was and that they weren’t subjected to the radiation for very long. But if I were in a cosmic microwave for two hours, I don’t know if I would have survived.

Helmet reflections don’t seem to show the correct environment. Apollo 12 took photos of the moon landing. The photos had already shown things that have been called into question, but none more so than the image reflected on the helmet of the astronaut. It’s admitted that the picture is grainy so it’s hard to determine what it is, but some theorists, suspect it is lighting or other equipment from the set where it was all filmed.

Footprints in the dust. The astronauts who visited the moon, have claimed that the dust on it is similar to wet sand, or talcum powder. They have shown their footprints in the dust but some pictures of the lunar module shows no disturbances in the dust around it. Some theorists claim this is because the module was simply placed on the set and didn’t necessarily land. And average astronaut could weigh up to 209 pounds. Let’s assume that the astronauts who landed were an average of 175 pounds. Their suit weighs up to 280 pounds. So even in the microgravity of the moon the average astronaut would weigh 455 pounds. And they left a foot print. The Lunar Module weighed over 33,000 pounds, and didn’t leave a mark.

So those are the main reasons that people feel that the Moon Landing in 1969 was fabricated. Now, I know some of these theories may have been debunked, but there are those people out there who fully believe it didn’t happen. I am not one of those. I do believe it happened, and am open minded to let people think what they would like.

Stay curious my friends!

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