Dressing Up Your Eyes

As I sit here and type this post again, I’m annoyed that the original was lost when I went to post if for your enjoyment. So please accept my apologies that this one is coming to you late, but I hope that I can make it just as good as my original that I thought was posted, but is now Missing In Action.

Your eyes are the window to your soul, and your eyeshadow is your wardrobe. It can be that little black dress that you love, or any color dress that comes in an eyeshadow. I have watched numerous tutorials, and learned a lot. I only wish that I could be as talented as some of my make up idols. Well even have an ounce of their talent, I’m talking to you Bailey Sarian and Brittney Vaughn. These two ladies are my makeup idols, and the fact that they too love true crime is simply the icing on the beautiful cake.

If watching the YouTube channels of my idols has taught me anything about eyeshadow, it’s this; do not be afraid of color. Those eye shadow palettes come with many colors, and if you buy the palette for just one or two shades, you are doing yourself and that product a disservice. Mix and match the colors and see what striking possibilities await for you in one make up palette. No longer are we restricted to shades of brown, blue, or green. We have every color under the sun, and some I didn’t even know existed.

Since working from home during the pandemic that started last year, I have stopped wearing (and hiding) behind make up. I am becoming more and more comfortable with wearing nothing on my face, and not always disliking what I see. I hope you have that confidence when wearing makeup or when not wearing it.

Remember make up should make you feel good, make you feel your best and most beautiful. However it’s not a requirement, you are beautiful as you are, unique and utterly devastating. BUT, if you feel you want to highlight those windows to your soul, then do not be afraid to pamper and dress up those peepers.

Try something new, you may surprise yourself, wearing a sunny yellow around your eyes, or a daring neon green may give you more confidence than a shot of tequila (mmm…) Try out some new looks and if you dislike them, simply erase them and try something else.

When looking for eyeshadows, they should be highly pigmented and something that you can build up to the shade you fully desire. They shouldn’t feel gritty on your eyes, and should never irritate your skin or eyes. Be brave, try something new and you may find out that the real vixen inside of you is speaking through your eyes.

I can’t wait.

Be strong, be beautiful, be you

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